Top 3 Breast Milk Cures for Babies

Breast milk isn't just for babies to drink; it can cure a number of childhood ailments, too. Not only does breast milk have the perfect balance of nutrients for your growing baby, it also contains antibacterial properties that can heal. The truth is that breast milk is simply amazing!

Breast milk has a special enzyme that prevents bacteria from attaching or living on certain membranes in the body. So what can breast milk be used for? Many things, however, in that this is not a medical opinion, you need to exercise your best judgment and consult with your pediatrician to be sure there is not a more serious health concern. Here are the top four uses for breast milk:

1. Pink Eye. Pink eye is another name for conjunctivitis, a bacterial infection of the membrane surrounding the eye. The property of breast milk that prevents bacteria from attaching to body membranes works especially well for the eye. Just a couple of drops in each eye twice a day can clear up pink eye in a matter of days.

When used on adults, the results are the same. Adults will note that there is an initial cold sensation that subsides quickly - it is actually very soothing. Additionally, vision is blurred for a few minutes and then clears up.

2. Nasal Congestion. Breast milk can be used as a decongestant. Apply by placing a few drops in the nose and holding it there for 10 seconds. The congestion is likely to subside and breathing will be easier.

3. Earache. Again, when a bacteria is involved with the outer and middle ear canal, breast milk can help by preventing it from living on the membranes therein. A couple of drops directly into the infected ear can help resolve some infections. Of course, ear infections may also reside in the inner ear, where drops cannot penetrate, so you should always consult your pediatrician.

4. Eczema, Skin Rashes and Diaper Rash. Again, the antibacterial properties of breast milk can help with these common infant ailments. Breast milk is sterile and can be used to clean the baby's skin. Since breast milk is natural and contains no harsh chemicals that may irritate the baby's skin. Let a thin layer of breast milk dry on the skin. It will serve as somewhat of an antibacterial shield. The eczema, skin rash or diaper rash will be relieved within hours or a day or two.

5. Insect bites. Breast milk applied to an insect bite will help it heal and reduce itching. Quick relief for baby that is all natural.

These remedies are useful for times when you cannot get to a physician right away, like in the evening or on a Sunday, for example. And sometimes the problem will clear up quickly. Additionally, these breast milk remedies can be a helpful compliment to prescribed medications to bring comfort quickly.


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